Marantz UD7007 no power

Marantz UD7007

I bought a Marantz Super Audio CD/Blu-Ray disc player in broken condition with no power. Seller told me it’s only used for 20-25 hours! and the unit looks like new.

UD7007 inside

We have to take a look at the Denon/Marantz Power supply board 40-N025BH-PWD1G. Measuring the c503 diode, its bad. The number on the diode is: p6ke160a
I also replaced the big capacitor and two smaller capacitors while i’m at it.

40-N025BH-PWD1G repair
Replaces components
3 capacitors and 1 diode

C503: p6ke160a diode
CE502 and CE503: M-A 22U 50 Elco radiaal, 22 uF, 50 V, 2000 h
Big capacitor: RD2W107M1835M Elko, radiaal, 100 µF, 450 V, 105°, RM 7,5

After replacing these components, on the 12v line there is still no output. But the 5v line is delivering 5 volt. The 5v is only active in standby, so with connecting the board up to the rest of the Marantz parts, standby light comes up and the unit boots!

Succesfull repair of this Marantz UD7007!

UD7007 boots!

Need repair?

Does your Marantz UD7007 have no power? You can contact me to repair your Marantz.

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